Words to say
To say
I don’t exist
We don’t
Does she mean
Meant to laugh
Where to
Far away
Take me
Can’t abide by
But I am alone
I don’t know you
You don’t exist in my world
Mist you see that
That is me
Will you
Draw me like them
We are not them
I am the universe
The green grass you saw
When you looked out
That broken window
Sunlight that reflects
Spectrum of green
Taste of rust
I am what you see
What you touch
I am your concious and your subconcious
I am you
I am us
We have been
Yet you don’t know me

You Don’t Matter.

In the perspective of universe and in grandeur cosmic scale of events, everything that you have learnt,seen and were taught since you were born is irrelevant.The concept of “you” and a certain sense that you matter, that you are something is flawed.All the man made scales confirming the notion of “self”, all the measures of your importance; the social, economic and religious doctrines these innumerable divisions make no sense.We all are insignificant mere quantum dots in cosmic time, we don’t even exist for a fraction of second, made of the elements synthesized in the cores of ancients stars.No matter what social, political or religious doctrine you adopt you will cease to exist in fraction of second in cosmic clock because you don’t matter you are compost, what will remain is this beautiful universe and those who happily accepted what they were being disintegrated and then restructured in to something more beautiful then they are now.

Summer’s Night

This night is dark,

Calm as the water below morning’s aisle,

Birds chanting harmonies far away,

Dim lights holding the sky together,

Waiting for the prayers of first light,

Drink the wine of lover’s might,

Old man whistling far away,

Standing my the window in the light of yellow bulb,

Listening to songs of his youth on his rusty radio,

Stray dogs bark out of hunger,

Some protecting their turf,

There is some sweet scent of flowers of my terrace,

Half torn posters on my wall those need fixing,

Pain in my head I can’t curb,

Constant ringing in my ears,

A little pinch in my chest,

I just read some writings of Kerouac.

Just A Thought

Any law undermining humanity should be defied.ThisĀ infinite ignorance and rejection of logic is something completely unfathomable for me.I would never give up my skepticism and start believing or blindly following anything that I am told to.What do people know after all, they are just like bows shooting arrows randomly in the air without knowing where the target is.

On The Roof

ImageSitting on the roof on a cold winter night.I don’t know why am I here, maybe my soul has urged me to stare deep into the constellations and wonder what is the purpose of all that exist.Gleaming lights from the stars that light up for a moment in a second and fade away,like life in itself is giving a message that this is what we are, shining bright in the majestic moments of our life and then fading away and lighting again somewhere far away where we can’t see, where all the secret are held in a beautiful trunk with tulips prints of red yellow and violet.The truth unfurls itself and asks me to be free from all the obligations of the created world and for time being live in this peace away from the weights that seem impossible to be carried sometimes, maybe it is time to evolve and become something more beautiful in the sights of nature, like a newly born butterfly spread it’s wings and spread marvels of there colour among the gardens of lights.